2005-2015 Nissan Xterra Stage 4

Nissan Xterra STAGE 4 Bi-LED  Headlights with turn signal halos

Brightest output available:

Our Bi-LED technology provides the brightest output of any Nissan Xterra headlight on the market and is 40% brighter than our previous generation.  There's a reason the 'other guys' don't show photos of their output. 

Sold as a Pair // Each set Includes:

  • LED High / Low Beam functionality
  • Your Choice of Bluetooth Controlled Color Changing LED Angel Eyes or Switchback Angel Eyes
  • Your Choice of Bluetooth Controlled Color Changing LED Devil Eyes or Red Devil Eyes
  • Switchback Turn Signal Halos
  • Black housings and shrouds
  • Plug and Play wiring harness
    • Angel Eyes change colors at the same time via the included Bluetooth Controller (if selected)
    • Devil Eyes change colors independently via a second included Bluetooth Controller (if selected)

If you wish to change each pair of rings independently, you must purchase two additional Bluetooth Controllers (with wiring) available here.




    Made exclusively for the 2005 through 2015 Nissan Xterra.  

    Other Important Notes:

    These Nissan Xterra headlights are custom built and will take 1-2 weeks to complete from date of purchase. Sold as off road use only.  Please note:  Some final vertical and horizontal adjustments may be necessary to ensure a proper beam pattern. 

    *Brand new aftermarket housings. Proper lens care is required to protect and preserve your lenses. We recommend ceramic coating the lenses for best results. Failure to properly maintain and protect your lenses may result in premature clear coat failure and is not a warrantable item.