SR6 D1S Porsche Cayenne 957 ULTIMATE DIY KIT - Clear or Honeycomb lenses

Time to upgrade!  Turn night into day with our highest performing bi-xenon projectors!  Face it, your output sucks and your high beams are about as useful as that 56k modem.  We offer a great and affordable way to upgrade your stock lights with a proper pair of projectors and bulbs that'll outperform just about every vehicle on the road.

Our 957 HIDprojectors SR6 D1S Bi-Xenon projector packs some serious performance in a well-priced package! You can choose clear lenses or the etched honeycomb logo if you're feeling fancy.  Its a factory perfect install with no modifications necessary.

  • Hotspot LUX @ 100ft: 54
  • Width LUX @ 100ft: 28
  • Weighted Average LUX: 41


Each Kit includes:

  • x2 HIDprojectors D1S SR6 Bi-Xenon Projectors
  • 5500K D1S Bulbs

If you'd like to add other items such as angel eyes / halos / devil eyes, you can do so here: Angel Eyes / Halos