Porsche Cayenne Headlight Modification 2008-2010 957 | Stage 3

Stage 3

Upgrade your stock 957 headlights on your Cayenne to a higher performing and better looking package.  

**You must mail in your stock 957 headlights for this modification**

In the Stage 3 modification we replace the standard D1S bulb and projector with an upgraded Bi-Xenon projector and bulb setup that retains the OEM headlight's appearance and improves output by more than 80%.   The result is a clean, crisp cutoff and an even more impressive high beam.  Next, we add gloss black paint and a pair of color changing bluetooth controlled angel eyes that are custom mounted behind the stock shroud to modernize your headlights and provide a cool feature with thousands of color choices.

Stage 3 modification starts with the following performance upgrades:

  • New High Performance Bi-Xenon Projectors
  • New Headlight bulbs
  • Gloss Black Paint
  • Color Changing Angel Eyes

You can also choose between the following optional upgrades using the drop down menu:

  • Install New Lenses:  We will replace your old lenses with a fresh pair of new 957 lenses to ensure your lights look as good as new.  We will also provide a courtesy ceramic coating to the lenses.
  • LED Bulb Upgrade:  Upgrade the corning light and High Beam with high performing LED bulbs.
  • Projector Lens Etching: Send us your logo file and we will etch the projector - this is a fun way to personalize your ride and add a truly unique feature to your lights. 


Other notes:

Wiring the color changing angel eyes is easy and straightforward.  It requires a switched 12V source to power the bluetooth controller.  The rest is plug and play.  

Once your purchase is made, we will email you instructions on how to mail in your stock lights for modification. 

You may or may not receive an occasional light code on your dash.  Some 957s may experience this which may or may not be a result of the upgrades performed.  Our 2008 Cayenne Turbo shows no error codes however your experience may vary.

All of our headlights are built by hand in Buffalo, NY. We typically build and ship within 3-4 working days once the housings arrive (subject to purchase volumes). 

All custom built headlights are sold as off road use only.