Audi C5 Retrofit (A6 and allroad) - Quad Retrofit

HIDprojectors fully assembled headlights for C5 Audis - allroad and A6

This option requires you to send in your stock headlights and includes the following:

  • Two pairs of HIDprojectors Bi-Xenon Projectors 
    • The existing low beam projector will be replaced with a 4TLR bi-xenon projector with low beam and dual high beam functionality.
    • The high beam halogen bulb will be replaced with a 2nd H1 HID projector to run in high beam mode only.
  • 4500K D2S Yeaky HID Bulbs for the low beam projectors and closely matching 4300K H1 bulbs for the high beam projectors. 
  • A 2nd pair of 35W HIDprojectors Ballasts for the new high beam projectors
  • Polished headlight lenses*

Optional orange reflector delete, clear or smoked reflector replacements available with these Audi A6 or Audi Allroad headlights as well (by request).  

Our Audi A6 projector headlights are custom built and will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete from date of purchase. Sold as off road use only. 

Choose from the dropdown list to add additional options to your Audi A6 or Audi Allroad headlights!

Other options are available with these Audi A6 projector headlights by request (replacement headlights, custom work, etc).

With HIDs, a small amount of condensation inside the light can occur and should clear up as soon as the light cools down. This will not effect the normal operation of the light not considered to be a defect or warrantable condition.  Please see our return policy for more information.

*Headlight lens polishing cannot restore pitted, damaged lenses.  Reasonable results should be expected.