Time to upgrade!  Your P2 Volvo is packing 1,000+hp and outrunning your stock, tired, D2R bulbs.  Face it, your output sucks and your high beams are about as useful as Comfort mode.  We are Volvo nerds too.  We get it.  We offer a great and affordable way to upgrade your stock lights with a proper pair of projectors and bulbs that'll outperform just about every vehicle on the road.

Our new HIDprojectors SR6 D2S threaded Bi-Xenon projector packs some serious performance in a well-priced package! You can choose clear lenses or the etched honeycomb logo which compliments the design on your Volvo's speaker grates.  Extended threaded shaft also makes for an easy install.  

  • #4 in overall output (compared to the top 9 D2S projectors)  
  • Hotspot LUX @ 100ft: 54
  • Width LUX @ 100ft: 28
  • Weighted Average LUX: 41

No permanent modifications required.

Installation takes about 1-2 hours and can be done with basic hand tools.

And no error messages!  Your stock leveling motors will still function as well!

Each Kit includes:

  • x2 HIDprojectors D2S SR6 Bi-Xenon Projectors
  • 5600K D2S Bulbs
  • Your choice of Shrouds 
  • Built in High Beam 

Basic Installation steps (email us for a more detailed document after your purchase):

  • Bake the headlights to remove the lens
  • Disassemble the headlight internals
  • Install and align the new projector
  • Wire in the high beam feature
  • Trim and install the shroud
  • Reassemble the headlight
  • Reseal the lens
  • Enjoy the performance!

If you'd like to add other items such as angel eyes / halos / devil eyes, you can do so here: Angel Eyes / Halos