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Glohh Dynamic LED GL-3 Tail Lights for Range Rover Sport

Glohh Dynamic LED GL-3 Tail Lights for Range Rover Sport

$ 797.99


Introducing the GL-3 Dynamic Tail Light kit for 05-13 Range Rover Sport models.

…a taillight like no other

Experience a journey like never before - Experience the GL-3 Dynamic



Exclusively created for the Range Rover Sport - The next generation GL-3 features a dynamic indicator. It brings to life the spirit of innovation, art and design.


Design Icon

Signs of distinction - Individual glowing elements are fused into a singular unit, giving it a three-dimensional impact whilst providing intense illumination. Distinguish your Range Rover Sport with the iconic design.

Enhanced Aerodynamics

The GL-3 Dynamic has been engineered with optimised aerodynamics that allow air to pass freely with minimal resistance. This innovative solution was developed hand-in-hand with its signature styling allowing for better fuel consumption with added finesse.

Dynamic Flow

For maximum visual impact, the GL-3 Dynamic features an innovative flow indicator consisting of a strip of LEDs. Controlled by a microprocessor, a sequence of light lasting 350ms flows in the direction of intended travel.

The 20% increase in length from the previous model, delivers a fluid stream of light improving the visibility of your vehicle to other road users.

Ultra Slim

The thinnest reverse and fog light design for your Range Rover Sport. Providing optimal light output for safety and functionality in all conditions, the light functions utilise state-of-the-art LEDs to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Up to50%Brighter light than the standard light
6000K (Kelvin) True white/red optimal HID color


The Glohh vision is inspired by an uncomplicated appreciation for minimalism. Simple, strong, refined lines compose the basis for the iconic tri-lumination factor. Precision engineering and artistic mastery fuse harmoniously with minimalist form to breathe life in to the blueprint.


The GL-3 Dynamic is specifically designed for the L320 Range Rover Sport. Whether you own a pre-facelift 2005-09 model or a facelift 2010-13 model, there is no need for additional electronics. Simply plug-and-play.




The visibility of your vehicle is critical to your safety on the road. With this in mind, the GL-3 Dynamic taillight has been engineered to meet all global ECE and US Department of Transportation safety regulations.

European and US APPROVED.


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