NightTracker Chroma - Motorcycle (Single Headlight)

The HIDprojectors NightTracker Chroma headlights feature color changing Angel Eyes, Halos and optional color changing Devil Eyes.

Fine tuned optics provide superior light output compared to LED headlights, yielding a wider and greater reaching beam output than our previous generation light. 

Our polyamide nylon housing was designed by HIDprojectors, manufactured in the USA. 

Permasealed lens made from aircraft-grade polycarbonate provides strong protection against yellowing, damage from debris, and other roadside hazards. 

Single Headlight.

Set Includes:

  • Black housing

  • Black NightTracker shroud

  • Color changing angel eye

  • Color changing halo

  • Color changing devil eye

  • 6000K bulb

  • 35W HIDprojectors ballast

  • High / Low beam functionality 

  • Vehicle specific wiring harness



These color-changing projector headlights are configured to change colors as follows:

  • Angel Eyes, Halos, and Devil Eyes change colors at the same time via the included Bluetooth Controller

If you wish to change each pair of rings independently, you must purchase additional Bluetooth Controllers (with wiring) available here.

With HIDs, a small amount of condensation inside the light can occur and should clear up as soon as the light cools down. This will not affect the normal operation of the light and is not considered to be a defect or warrantable condition.  Please see our return policy for more information.

All of our headlights are built by hand in Buffalo, NY.  These are in stock, ready to ship!

These aftermarket color-changing projector headlights are sold as off road use only.

*Some classic vehicles (made prior to 1997) may need to trim various portions of the vehicles' stock mounting locations to allow for proper fitment.