MORIMOTO Bi-Xenon Wire Harness 9007 / 9004

REALITY CHECK: Customers often ask, Do I really need a harness? Yes! This Bi-Xenon relay harness is designed to deliver steady voltage to your HID ballasts directly from the car battery. Nobody likes a flickering headlight, so why risk it? Factory headlight outputs are really only designed to power a halogen light bub, not an HID ballast.

UNDER CONTROL: Designed to be completely plug-n-play. This Bi-Xenon relay harness is a seamless solution to keep your low and high beams under control with the original stalk inside the car. Works perfectly with Bi-xenon projector retrofits and Hi/Lo HID systems.

ADVANCED: The third generation MotoControl 8-Pin Relay has a tiny built-in capacitor that stores and releases its charge between mode changes. So even if there's a short gap between the low and high beam signals from your car, your HID's will run smoothly with this Morimoto Bin-Xenon harness.

UNIVERSAL: This Morimoto relay harness is designed to work with both positive and ground switched headlight circuits, making it universally compatible with all vehicles no matter new or old.

PLUG N PLAY: The layout of the Morimoto relay harness makes it easy to install. With just a few simple connections, even your mom could set this Bi-Xenon harness up! Wire lengths are long enough to be used in everything from compact cars to SUVs and it's designed to be 100% plug and play (no cutting or splicing needed).