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The EvoX-R is derived from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Original Equipment design. It's the best option for upgrading cars that came with older 3" Hella HID or Halogen projectors, and it's also ideally shaped for a traditional retrofit too. We've paired these projectors with the best aftermarket bulbs out there and allow you to choose your preferred ballast option and shroud choice as well.  If you're a stickler for OEM, you can upgrade to OSRAM bulbs as well!

  • #7 in overall output (compared to the top 9 D2S projectors)  
  • Hotspot LUX @ 100ft: 56
  • Width LUX @ 100ft: 16
  • Weighted Average LUX: 36

 Each Kit includes:

  • x2 EVOX-R bi-xenon Projectors
  • Your choice of Bulbs
  • Your choice of HIDprojectors 35W Ballasts or Used Hella Gen3 OEM D2S*
  • Your choice of Shrouds

Need a harness?  Check out our Harness Selection here: Wiring Harnesses

If you'd like to add other items such as angel eyes / halos / devil eyes, you can do so here: Angel Eyes / Halos

 *Used OEM Hella Gen3 ballasts are fully tested and functioning.  You will receive a matching set - part numbers may differ from what is shown in the photo

CROSS COMPATIBLE: Their bolt pattern is identical to older Hella 3" halogen, xenon, and bi-xenon projectors - so can be used as a direct bolt on upgrade in many OEM or aftermarket housings that use these designs.

PERFORMANCE: Coming standard with a 3" clear lens and a mirror finish reflector bowl, the EvoX-R manages to make plenty of light. With a proper gradient of intensity from the cutoff line downwards in its low beam, and amazing table-top pattern high beam, you'll easily be blowing away Bimmers and Benz's at night with these.


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