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HIDprojectors Hylux Ballasts - 50 watt 2A50

HIDprojectors Hylux Ballasts - 50 watt 2A50

$ 134.95


Our HIDprojectors 50 watt HID ballasts are made with the highest quality components - the old saying ''you get what you pay for'' certainly applies here. We've partnered with Hylux (the best in aftermarket ballast manufacturer) to create a 50W HID ballast that has near-OEM reliability and nearly double the performance!

50W ballasts
We recommend the 50W ballasts to those who really want to squeeze out every possible lumen of light. These replacement headlight ballasts are approximately 30% brighter than the 35W ballasts. However, they are larger in size and run hotter.  This additional heat can potentially cause premature wear to the bulbs and projector bowls.  It also has a higher tendency to cause some fogging inside the lens.  The additional heat generated from the ballasts needs to normalize with the temperatures inside and outside of the headlight.  You may see some fogging with these but it typically clears up shortly after the headlights are turned off.
These replacement headlight ballasts are recommended for the ''extreme'' retrofitter.

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