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4TL-R D2S Projectors

4TL-R D2S Projectors

$ 99.95


The mounting points of the 4TL-R are based on the same bolt pattern as the 4G Acura TL low beam xenon projectors that many Japanese cars use from the factory like the new Accord, Acura TL, Toyota Sienna, and Honda Odyssey! Gotta love being able to open your housing, unbolt your old weak projector, and swap in something that performs 10x better (and has a bi-xenon high beam!).  Also a known swap for the C5 Audi allroad (will require a bottom bracket mount).

  • #3 in overall output (compared to the top 9 D2S projectors)  
  • Hotspot LUX @ 100ft: 72
  • Width LUX @ 100ft: 14
  • Weighted Average LUX: 43

PERFORMANCE: They produce a very wide beam pattern with a perfect distribution of light and top it off with a supremely sharp cutoff that will blow your mind. We're gonna go ahead and say not many projectors will out-shine the 4TL-R. 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!: the 4TL-R isn't just good for OEM+ swaps. This is one of the best performing small bi-xenon projectors on the market today, and with their small 2.5" lens and convenient mounting points - you can custom retrofit these into almost anything and reap the rewards!

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